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Bharti's passion for decoration and design grew with her since she was a young girl.  Rearranging her house was a regular activity.  She would help her friends "clean their rooms" by decluttering,
organizing their things and rearranging the furniture. 

She has a natural flair for color, space and style.  With that passion, she began decorating homes for friends and family as a hobby.  As her "hobby" grew, she realized that it was something more, and decided to become professional Interior decorator after graduating from Sheffield School of Interior Design, New York.

Bharti's Aesthetic Decor is based on the philosophy of tailoring down rooms to what you love and need.  When she walks into a room she immediately begins to picture new layouts and arrangements in her mind's eye, taking out unnecessary "stuff" and adding in functional & beautiful pieces.  Bharti believes people are constantly battling their possessions and aims to help clients figure out what they really love. 

With her passion for designing, Bharti streamlines rooms into functional and beautiful places.

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